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Trance Construction Kits

Trance Construction Kits


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$ 48.55

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Dieses exklusive Sound-Archiv bietet essenzielles Rohmaterial für Tranceheads weltweit. Von epischen Melodien bis zu pumpenden Rhythmen liefert Zero-G TRANCE eine massive Wand an Construction Kits. Welche mit der Zeit gehen, Feat. Pumpende Beats von 132 bis 146 BPM, Ambients, Synthlines, Percussion, FX, und Bass Sounds. Das Reason Refill bietet zudem zig Dr. Rex Drumloops, Dr REX Grooveloops, ReDrum Kits, NN19 Patches, ect.

Detaillierte Beschreibung in englischer Sprache:

Also included are lots of multisamples of trance synths, pads and strings - in fact all the mind-blowing sounds, textures and sonic tools you need for use in Ambient, Epic or Hard Trance, Techno and "perfect-for-three-in-the-morning" dance production. You'd be hard pressed to find a better collection of trance material around at this price. If trance is on your flight plan, this is a fine place to take off.

Formate: WAV, Acid, Reason Refill (Reason Software erforderlich)

REVIEW: "Great for the serious dance-based producer. It offers both novice and expert a great set of highly usable samples. All of the sounds are great quality and can be used right away without requiring too much processing... Inspires you to compose even while auditioning the collection. A very cool and high quality trance & techno library from Zero-G. Great stuff!!" - website


Diese Multi Format Library (enthaltene Formate sind in der Produktbeschreibung aufgeführt) enthält keine Wiedergabesoftware. Zum Laden und Abspielen der in diesem Produkt enthaltenen Sounds ist eine geeignete Software erforderlich.