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Uhbik Bundle Header

9 klassische Effekt Plug-ins im Bundle

Uhbik bietet 9 Effekte im preisgünstigen Bundle, jedes Plug-in konzentriert sich dabei auf einen speziellen Effekt, allesamt Surround kompatibel. Zu den Effekten gehören: Reverb, Tapedelay, Flanger, Pitch-Shifter, Phaser, Filter, Resonanzfähiger Filter, Frequency Shifter und ein Tremolo für Rhytmuseffekte.

Eine kostenlose Demo Version finden Sie unter "Mehr Infos".

Weitere Details in englischer Sprache:

Meet the Family

Four of these units (D, F, P, T) are modulation effects that include an ultra-slow to ultra-fast low frequency oscillator. LFO rate can be set to an absolute value (in seconds or Hertz), synced to host tempo (then scaled by a constant!) or swept manually / automated.

  • Uhbik-A- ambience / reverb, a very unusual combination of early reflections with different plate algorithms.

  • Uhbik-D - delay/echo with 5 'tape heads', LFO or flutter modulation, low/high cut filters, soft-clipping, per-tap feedback and multi-channel pan.

  • Uhbik-F - flanger, from through-zero tape flanging (dramatic jet-effect!) to classic stomp-box type chorus, with LFO modulation and feedback / resonance

  • Uhbik-G - granular pitch-shifter / phase vocoder (via fast Fourier analysis) delivers a wide range of dramatic contemporary effects. Whole grain goodness.

  • Uhbik-P - phaser set to stun, with up to 42 allpass filters in series delivering the deepest, richest phasing available. But is it an angel or a metal monster?

  • Uhbik-Q - equalizer, the perfect balance between simplicity and flexibility required a unique approach… Uhbik-Q is a revelation!

  • Runciter - filter with parallel lowpass, bandpass and highpass outputs, resonance, controllable input overdrive and brick-wall fuzz.

  • Uhbik-S - frequency shifter / sideband filter with exceptional frequency response and low latency, can create anything from serene barber-pole waves to metallic FFF (full frequency freakout) effects!

  • Uhbik-T - tremolo – but if you think that just means 'volume wobble' you haven't tried the mother of all tremolos yet: Uhbik-T!


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  • Windows 7 32‑/64‑bit oder neuer
  • Multicore CPU mit einer SSE2
  • 2 GB RAM
  • 60 MB freier Festplattenspeicher


  • Mac OS X 10.7 oder höher
  • IMulticore CPU mit einer SSE2
  • 2 GB RAM
  • 60 MB freier Festplattenspeicher



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