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Vocaloid2 Tonio
Erstveröffentlichung: 23.07.2010

Vocaloid2 Tonio

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TONIO der professionell-synthetische klassische Sänger, der Melodie & Text & Intonation so singt wie sie es wollen! Sein stimmliches Können umfasst Barition & Tenor. Dank Vocaloid 2 Technology klingt er schon fast wie aus einer italienischen Oper entsprungen. Mike Oldfield ist nur eine Musikergrösse die Vocaloid nutzt um in musikalisch tiefere Dimensionen vorzudringen, wie man auf seinem Album "Light & Shade" hören kann.

Ob für Klassisches, Filmusik oder Experimentelles - Tonio unterstützt die gewünschte Atmosphere durch seine unverwechselbare, karaktervolle, charmante Stimme! Seine eigentliche "Muttersprache" ist Englisch, aber mit einem bischen Mehraufwand singt er auch andere Sprachen wie man sehr gut in den Audio Demos hören kann.

Detaillierte Beschreibung in englischer Sprache:

In addition to singing any words or combination of syllables or phonemes you can imagine, TONIO will spread any sustained vowel (or voiced consonant) across as many notes as you like, with perfect legato. You can select from several different natural vibrato types and drag and drop your chosen type to any note or notes, and control the time-position and amount of the vibrato.

And that´s just the beginning - you have control over all of the following parameters, which you can bring to bear on any part of your creation:

* Changing syllables/phonemes
* Timing of each note (precise position/length).
* Vibrato (you can change its type/position/amount/frequency).
* Volume
* Attack.
* Crescendo or diminuendo
* Pitch bend (amount, and positionable in time).
* Glide (portamento).
* Resonance (Frequency/bandwidth/amplitude)
* Harmonics.
* Noise.
* Brightness
* Clearness.
* Gender factor.

Key Features of VOCALOID2

VOCALOID2 is a new version of VOCALOID, which includes major improvements in usability and synthesis quality. Here are the key features:

* New GUI: The VOCALOID Editor (score editing tool) of VOCALOID2 has a cool new look with improved user functionality.

* A much more realistic and natural sounding vocal: The synthesis engine of VOCALOID2 uses a different signal processing technique from Version 1, creating a clearer and more natural vocal.

* Realtime Keyboard Performance (VST Instrument): Written lyrics can be assigned a note by touch of a keyboard. Now you can "sing" using a keyboard.

* New functionalities and improvements: Much easier to use functionalities are newly implemented, which reduce workloads in creating your music. Existing functionalities are also improved.

* Note auditioning: If you press a note, singing with lyrics and pitch will be assigned to the note. Instantly check lyrics and notes.

* Transparent control track: Control track for controlling timbre is transparent, so you can check two parameters at once.

* Toggling between Playback and Rendering You can specify playback/rendering mode for each track. By rendering the finished track, you can reduce CPU load in playback. Maximum number of tracks is 16.

* Expression control: You can easily specify musical expression (attack and vibrato) with this intuitive user interface.

Key features:


* Piano-roll editor;
* Note editing / Automatic phonetic conversion / Phonetic editing / Note auditioning;
* Transparent control track;
* Toggling between playback/rendering;
* Expression control;
* Synchronization with host sequencer through ReWire


* Playback sequence created with VOCALOID Editor


* Keyboard performance with lyrics input in advance;
* 4 polyphonic

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10.10.2017 Sprache: deutsch

Tonio offers a high quality male voice, which lives up to all promises and beyond Being primarily designed for opera music, he isn't limited to this genre and also provides vocals usuable for more common genres like Dance and even Metal. While his strengths definitely lay within his mid range, he additionally offers for Vocaloid exceptional good and solid high notes, which definitely contribute to his versatility All in all an overall great product to own, be it for unique main vocals or creating backing vocals on the go without a singer around.

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13.04.2016 Sprache: deutsch

habe ich gar nicht mehr installiert, siehe unten Avanna.



  • Windows XP oder Vista (Windows 7 wird offiziell nicht supported)
  • 64 bit wird nicht supported
  • Pentium 4 oder Athlon XP 2000
  • 2 GHz
  • RAM: 512MB (1GB empfohlen)

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