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AAX native, AU, Mac, VST2, Win
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Dubstep Grime Generator

Erleben Sie Audiovertigo-Go mit den sich bewegenden, verschiebenden und kräftigen Tönen von Wobble 2 - dem Dubstep Grime Generator von SONiVOX. Dieses hochexpressive Instrument basiert auf zwei Kanälen der Spectral Morphing Synthesis Engine. Jeder Kanal verfügt über unabhängige harmonische Regler, individuelle Filterung und diskrete LFO-Regler - einschließlich Tempo-Synchronisation. Wobble 2 sorgt mit einem fortschrittlichen Pattern-Generator und integrierten Effekten für Bewegung.

Wobble Main Screen

Weitere Details in englischer Sprache:

The Wobble 2 pattern generator begins as a familiar step-sequencer, and rapidly escalates into an unbelievable tool for sonic creation. In addition to pitch and velocity, the pattern generator provides additional tabs for adding precise measured-step control of crucial sound creation parameters. Portamento can be selected for each step, as can the harmonic width and filter frequency of each Channel. LFO depth, rate, and sync can be defined per step. By automating even just one or two of these tempo-locked parameters, Wobble 2 can create some of the most insane sounds you've ever heard, infused with awe-inspiring depth and motion. Pattern presets can also be saved, recalled, and quickly modified on demand.

Onboard pro-grade chorus and reverb effects breathe new life into your sounds. In addition, the stereo delay allows either Channel 1, Channel 2—or both—to be synchronized to beat values of the current tempo, tying your sound, song, and effects together. And speaking of tempo, Wobble 2 uses the SONiVOX Intelligent Rhythm Control (IRC) to keep your playing in the pocket. Combining the IRC Resolution and IRC Gate adjusts incoming MIDI note data so your playing is accurately in-time, in real-time.

Product Features

  • Dual-Channel Spectral Morphing Synthesis
  • Independent Filter and LFO control per channel
  • MIDI Learn controller mapping
  • Pattern Generator
  • Integrated Patch Browser
  • Easy On/Off control of parameter modulation
  • Onboard effects
  • Over 200 Wobble 2.2 ready-to-play patches

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  • macOS 10.8-10.11
  • Intel Core 2 Duo (Core i5 empfohlen)
  • RAM: 2GB (4GB empfohlen)


  • Windows 8 oder höher
  • Dual Core Prozessor (Intel i5 empfohlen)
  • 2 GHz
  • RAM: 2GB (4GB empfohlen)

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